canon rebel t6

Folks who need capable and affordable DSLRs usually look at the likes of the Canon T6 to get their photography game on. This entry-level DSLR boasts a decent 18MP APS-C sensor that takes crisp and fine detailed pictures.

It’s more than four years now since the T6 was released to succeed the Canon T5. Is it still the capable entry-level DSLR it once was? Should you put your money on the Canon T6 in 2020? Let’s find out!

Buying the Canon Rebel T6 in 2020

The Canon Rebel T6 had an MSRP of around $500 when it was released in April 2016. Four years is a long time in the camera world, and there’s no doubt that today, there are newer entry-level cameras with better technologies and capabilities than the T6. Even Canon has released the Canons T7i, T7, and T8 since it released the T6.

But all of these do not imply the Canon T6 is a walkover.

This camera still has decent specs and a decent enough performance for any beginner photography in this time and age. It’s equipped with Canon’s DIGIC 4+ image processor, has an ISO range of Canon’s DIGIC 4+ image processor, and 3fps continuous shooting. This camera may be less than ideal in the hands of a pro. But the Canon T6 is good value for beginner photographers. 


Buying this camera is a great value!

One of the good things about this camera is affordability.

After all of these years, you can now buy the Canon T6 for much less than it cost at release. Better still, you can check out the best Canon T6 bundle deals to get even more value. 

best Canon T6 bundle deals

For what it offers, the Canon T6 is great value, especially if you’re able to buy it bundled with other accessories you’ll need. While you’re certain to outgrow it at some point, it will be more than enough to handle the workload when you’re just starting out. 

Is the Canon T6 worth your money in 2020?